The production of cylinder
I factory is specializing in the production of hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, below we come together to look at the production of the fuel tank when should pay attention to what factors.
If you do not require the production of cylinder may have three kind of situations
One, the roughness of the cylinder
If the hydraulic cylinder of the roughness beyond the requirements will result in two cases:
In 1, will lead to seal the inner and outer lips friction increases, the lip of the damage speed is accelerated.
2, seal and oil cylinder of each contact surface area of oil increases, the possibility of increasing the production of oil seepage.
In two, trench too deep, will produce two kinds of situations:
1, seal the gap between the root and the groove becomes large, will make the seal root produces is not fixed.
In 2, a sealing lip and a sealing surface interference small quantity, seals of rebound becomes small, then the piston rod in low pressure oil beating failure rate will increase. Imported cylinder
In three, shallow grooves, also can produce two kinds of situations:
1, led to the oil seal lip and the sealing surface interference quantity increase, the contact area is increased, leading to friction becomes larger, the cylinder return seal lip is not effective lubrication, more heat is generated, it accelerated the seal lip damage.
In 2, lead seal root gap small quantity, results in high pressure seal root cylinder is extruded and increased risk of.
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