Continuously improve the competitiveness
Hydraulic technology penetrated into many areas, continuously in the civilian industry, in machine tools, engineering machinery, metallurgical machinery, plastic machinery, agricultural machinery, automobile, shipbuilding and other industries have been substantially the use and development of, and developed into including the transmission, control and detection including a complete automation technology. Nowadays, using hydraulic transmission has become the measure of a country industry an important indicator of the level of. Developed countries such as the production of95% of the engineering machinery,90% CNC machining centers, more than 95% have adopted auto-line hydraulic transmission technology.
In recent years, China hydraulic pneumatic seals industry adhere to technological progress, accelerate the development of new products, has achieved good results, emerged in a number of unique high-tech products. Beijing Machine Tool Institute direct-actuated electrohydraulic servo valve, Hangzhou Seiko hydraulic mechanical and electrical companies low noise proportional relief valve ( patented), Ningbo Hua liquid company of electro-hydraulic proportional flow valve (patent pending ), both mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech products, and has been put into batch production, obtained better economic benefit. Beijing Huade group constant power variable plunger pump, filling the domestic blank large displacement plunger pump, used in metallurgy, forging, mining and other large complete sets of equipment. Tianjin special semen pressure Limited by Share Ltd three kind of gear pump, has the advantages of novel structure, small volume, high pressure, low noise, performance index and other advanced features. Yuci hydraulic parts Limited high performance composite gear pump, can be widely used in engineering, metallurgy, mining machinery and other fields. In addition, there are Guangdong wide solution company high performance vane pump, Ningbo Yonghua company ultra-high pressure hose assembly, Wuxi Pneumatic Technology Research Institute Company Limited for various automatic control equipment for the new WPI series cylinder are very unique new products.