Why will the crawling phenomenon? How to solve?
The work of the hydraulic cylinder when crawling phenomenon reason and elimination methods are as follows:
1) cylinder with air. Exhaust device should be added, or make the hydraulic cylinder to travel fast motion, forced to eliminate air.
2) hydraulic cylinder end cap seal pressure too tight or too loose. Should adjust the sealing ring so that there is a proper tightness, to ensure that the piston rod can use hand to pull back smoothly without leakage.
3) the piston and the piston rod are coaxial. Adjust, adjust.
4) hydraulic cylinder installation and after the rail is not parallel. Shall be adjusted or reinstall.
5) the piston rod bending. Should the piston rod alignment.
6) the piston rod rigidity. Piston rod diameter.
7) hydraulic cylinder motion between the parts of the clearance is too large. Reduced clearance.
8) the installation of hydraulic cylinder position offset. Should check the hydraulic cylinder and the guide rail parallel degree, and correction.
9) the inner diameter of cylinder linear difference ( drum, tapered etc.). Should be repaired, heavy with piston.
10) cylinder corrosion, nap. Remove rust and burr, strictly to be boring mill.
11) double rod piston cylinder and both ends of the piston rod nut screwed too tight, so that the concentric adverse. Should be slightly loose nut, so that the piston in the natural state.